“ALC Agadir Students Reflect on a Year of Helping Their Community “

The ALC Agadir Community Service Club completed its first year this June with a party. There were chips, cake, soda, students and teachers at the party, but most importantly, there were fond memories of going out in the Agadir community and helping others.

The party was held to honor the students who had contributed to the success of the club. From October 2010 to June 2011, a group of 30 ALC students and teachers volunteered a total of 236 hours through different club projects. Activities included tutoring at-risk boys at a juvenile center, collecting used clothing, making sandwiches and giving them to street people, sponsoring a game day at the juvenile center, and collecting food for a local charity.

Most members faced challenges during their volunteer experiences, but everyone felt a sense of accomplishment with the knowledge that less fortunate people were made better off through the club’s efforts. Friendships were also made during the year, and everyone is looking forward to next year to see each other again and to keep up the good work!

Students and teachers of the ALC Agadir Community Service Club celebrate a year of helping their community.