Field Day with Micro-Access Scholarship Recipients at Terres d’Amanar nature reserve.

The Access Microscholarship program, which has existed in Morocco since 2005, is a program sponsored by the United States government to provide funds for disadvantaged youth throughout the Muslim world to benefit from courses in English and other subjects what would enhance their possibility for jobs and higher studies.

In addition to studying English, the program also includes other activities which help strengthen the bonds of friendship between peoples of America and Morocco.

The day trip to Terres d’Amanar nature park was such an activity!

On April 26, 2009, twenty-eight Access Scholarship recipients from the ALC Marrakesh who had just successfully finished two years of English courses were accompanied by a group of ALC teachers—both Americans and Moroccans—to the beautiful Terres d’Amanar , a nature park of over 100 hectares set in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains (on the road to Imlil) which offers a variety of confidence-building activities, including crossing over canyons on narrow foot bridges and conveying oneself by harness and cable from one station to the next.

At the end of the day, the group gathered to share their comments on what the day meant to them. For many of the Access participants, this was their first trip into the countryside of Morocco.

To see some photos, please wait for the slide show to load below or visit  http://marrakesh.aca.org.ma/article.php3?id_article=76&lang=en