Teachers from several of the ALCs in Morocco were selected and sponsored by their ALC to attend the TESOL International Convention in Denver, Colorado. These teachers had an opportunity to see the latest in published materials and technology in the field of EFL, participate in workshops and events highlighting the latest best practices and research, as well as meet other teaching professionals from around the world. Below is a summary by one of the attendees:

“I am Nourdine Nabet, a teacher of English at the ALC in Casablanca. I had the pleasure to attend the 2009 TESOL
conference in Denver, Colorado.

My trip to the USA was my first to this beautiful country. I had never had the opportunity to visit Denver until last month. This city is clean, well-organized, peaceful and quiet, though it was cold in March! A blizzard hit twice while I was there. It was the first time I saw snow. It is true that it snows in some parts of Morocco, but I have never been to those places in the winter. Denver has many fantastic and attractive places to see. I went to some of them like the zoo, the public library, the Denver art museum and many others. I also was at the ColoradoConvention Center and attended plenty of workshops.

Attending the TESOL conference had given me the chance to develop my teaching techniques, and to meet teachers of English coming from different countries. The workshops I attended focused on a variety of aspects of teaching English, but all of them intended to help teachers broaden their experience in how to deliver English to learners, and how to boost students to perfect their linguistic skills. I also met other teachers of English and we shared some opinions about teaching and learning English.

I am deeply grateful for being given the opportunity to attend the TESOL conference, as it was of a great benefit to me.

Yours sincerely,
Nourdine Nabet, English teacher at the ALC in Casablanca”

ALC teachers sponsored to attend the TESOL International Convention