By Todd Ruiz


MOHAMMEDIA – With her team trailing by two points and the clock against them, the batter swung and hit a dust-churning groundball before racing around the field to even the score.

What proved the beginning of an upset 4-3 victory by “The Winners” versus the literally designated team of “The Boys,” the exciting action was one of many memorable moments Sunday as about 30 students of the American Language Center of Mohammedia stepped up to the plate for a day of baseball, frisbee, barbeque and more.

Accompanied by six ALC faculty members, the students took a break from their studies and their lives for more than four hours defined by a single priority: having fun.

From learning how to swing a bat and guard their bases to mastering the wrist-twisting skills of Ultimate Frisbee, girls and boys of the ALC’s Access Program burned off some calories during a day made possible by support from the U.S. Embassy in Rabat.

Later in the afternoon, they chased down their games and exercise with an American-style barbeque of grilled hot dogs roasted to maximum tastiness by ALC faculty.

Before leaving, however, the students made their own contribution. Scouring the park space and climbing into bushes, the students filled more than three large garbage bags with trash left by other people, leaving the environment cleaner and more enjoyable than they found it.