On May 30, 2010, student from ALCs of Mohammedia, Meknes, Kenitra and Casablancaconverged in the capital city of Rabat to partake in the first ALC Regional Public Speaking Competition. Each participant will gave a 5 minute speech on the topic of their choosing, with topics ranging from domestic violence, to the environment, to the importance of personal fitness. Five judges—one from each center—were selected to evaluate their performances. The candidates all delivered excellent speeches, and should be congratulated for their excellent speaking abilities, confidence, and poise. In the end, Soukaina Sidki from Meknes, who presented on "The Importance of Fitness" won the competition and took home the first place trophy! Congratulations to Soukaina. Samia Maaroufi from the ALC Kenitra received the runner-up trophy. We would also like to thank the judges and special thanks to Imane Brahimi, winner of Rabat’s "ALC’s Got Talent" Competition, who performed for the audience during an intermission while the judges met to choose the winner.

To see pictures from the event, please visit the URL below: